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In the highly competitive world of the MBA student, you'll face a great many challenges. Those who can withstand these challenges and still come out on top will quickly rise in the job market once they've obtained their degree. You must take advantage of every resource you can in order to succeed in your MBA program and prove your mettle to potential employers. We've compiled a list of some online resources that can help you become a better MBA student.

The MBA Exchange was started in 1996 in the effort to help MBA students achieve their full potential. The MBA Exchange offers a number of resources to help MBA students. Their blog, for example, discusses news and other various topics that can help give an MBA student the edge on inside knowledge. There is also an available translation and writing service, for an extra fee. They provide career advisory services for those already in an MBA program, and their school profiles information can be helpful to those who are in the application process for MBA programs. They also provide links to blogs and newspapers from various schools, so you can get a taste for what other MBA students are up to.

MBA Day Camp has been around since 2003 and boasts that 95% of those who take part would suggest them to a friend. MBA Day Camp is a day-long seminar that can be done on your own time (through the use of DVDs and online resources), which helps to familiarize the MBA student with strategy, finance, marketing, and accounting-four topics that are essential for every MBA student to have a firm understanding of. Some major areas of study include lean training, business development, and manufacturing design. They have been used by Fortune 2000 companies, small to mid-size companies, and law firms and are recognized as a valuable resource by those who have succeeded in the business world.

MBA Depot is a website that is geared towards MBAs and managers, however there are a multitude of resources that the MBA student would find useful as well. Using a site like MBA Depot also can give your everyday MBA student a leg up on his or her peers by being exposed to some of the topics that MBA graduates must face in their jobs. Some of the most important are search engine marketing, otherwise known as SEO marketing. They also have a page devoted to providing information solely to "not yet MBAs", which is ideal for the student.

MBA Jobs

For MBA students already starting to consider their career prospects, a site like can be a big help. MBA Jobs provides information on popular jobs available to those with an MBA. It also contains articles that address average salaries for those who graduate with an MBA, and outlines the recruiting process many MBAs are likely to face. It helps MBA students learn about some of the tricks in using today's social media in order to get themselves ahead in the job market.

These online resources are just a few of many that are available today. Make use of these tools as you pursue your MBA in order to put yourself head and shoulders above your competition!

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